PCMSO is the program that monitors the health of employees in companies. It is common to think of it as just a report containing information about occupational health examinations . However, this is a simplistic view. A complete PCMSO brings together educational activities, preventive measures for occupational and non-occupational diseases , emergency care at work, among other activities. Hence the importance of this initiative, both to meet legal requirements and to improve the well-being of its employees. In this text, I present details about the Occupational Health Medical Control Program . You will know who should implement the actions, what are the differences in relation to the PPRA and other occupational health and safety documents. At the end, I bring a bonus to use telemedicine in the delivery of your OSH reports . What is PCMSO? PCMSO is a set of initiatives aimed at protecting the health and integrity of employees .

The acronym refers to the Occupational Health Medical Control Program

Created by Regulatory Standard 07 of the Ministry of Labor. In item, the document describes that the PCMSO must include measures on two different fronts: Passive occupational health surveillance : responses to spontaneous demands from employees, who may report health Sweden Phone Numbers List complaints such aspains,inappropriate postureIt isstress Active surveillance of occupational health : preventive monitoring of health and work conditions. In this sphere, the main tool is the medical examinations defin in the regulatory norms themselves or requested by the occupational physician on suspicion of possible health problems, mainly those resulting fromexposure to occupational hazards. All PCMSO initiatives must be noted down and presented in the form of a report periodically, in order to prove the health surveillance of workers. When was the PCMSO created? The Occupational Health Medical Control Program (PCMSO) was created through SSST Ordinance No.

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This legislation consolidated the first broad revision of which had

Published along with the 28 pioneering NRs, in Ordinance MTb nº 3.214/1978 . Prior to the revision, NR-07 was simply call “Medical Examinations” and provid. Specific guidance on basic parameters for carrying out occupational medical examinations. It was only in 1994 that the rule gained breadth and depth. Requiring companies to create and maintain continuous initiatives to promote health at work . According to the federal government Since then monitoring the health of workers has. Ceased to DP Leads be isolat initiatives to carry out medical examinations. Becoming a planned and integrated program , which takes into account the risks to the health of workers existing in the work environment. , especially those identified in the assessments provided for in other regulatory standards ”. What is PCMSO us for? In summary, the PCMSO serves to prevent diseases and health problems for employees .