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Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It’s your natural impulse to do something just cause it’s fun or cause it really matters to you. Here are some examples of intrinsic motivation in a team: Writing an article for the company blog just cause they are passionate about a topic. Starting a course to learn public speaking just cause they want to improve their presentations. Rather, extrinsic motivation comes from someone else or something outside of us. And it is trigger when we are prais, reward or pressur. This is what extrinsic motivation can look like in a team.

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Write an article for the company blog cause Human Resources promis them an Amazon gift card. Starting a course to learn public speaking cause your manager told you that your Finland Phone Number List presentations could more attractive. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation:  In specific situations, extrinsic motivation can still effective. And even the psychologists who coin the term “intrinsic motivation” agree that extrinsic motivation has its place. In reality, this all depends on the type of task, the team and the individual. Situations that nefit from extrinsic motivation In all jobs, from time to time you have to perform boring and repetitive tasks.

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Such as auditing all marketing content or cold mailing prospects. For the same reason, I agree that your team may not always intrinsically motivat and enthusiastic about everything DP Leads they do. For the same reason, for non-critical or methodical tasks, incentives or rewards have proven to effective. Sure, you have to careful with them. useful for certain types of teams. For example, a sales team might motivat by a leaderboard and bonuses (which are both forms of extrinsic motivation). While a customer support team might intrinsically motivat solely by making customers happy. In these cases, neither type of motivation is tter: It just comes down to the culture and type of team. I share 4 motivation techniques for sellers.