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Here are some tips for good inventory management . Average cost of operation It is obtain by dividing the average cost of the operations carri out in the warehouse by the number of operations. It offers a vision of the cost of each step relat to the entrance and exit of stocks, the preparation of orders, etc. Beyond the costs deriv from the storage of raw materials. Semi-finish products and finish products, a company must be able to know what stock it has at all times. This is essential to anticipate future orders from suppliers, to optimize warehouse management and to be able to calculate other indicators. average stock.

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Essential inventory KPIs, as it will be us for the calculation of various KPIs. It is obtain simply by adding the initial and final stocks, and dividing the total by 2. This average stock volume is us to Cyprus Business Email List determine what is know as the occupancy rate of the warehouse (or any other storage space). The calculation to be carri out is the following: (average quantity stor / warehouse capacity in quantity) x 100. The objective of this KPI is to help the inventory manager to evaluate the remaining space to add new products to the stock. If the index is very high, it may also mean that the organization of the warehouse nes to be review.

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Occupancy rate for a long period of time, together with other indicators such as the unit cost of storage. May lead to measures to change the warehouse, for example to a smaller DP Leads and less expensive location. Learn how to calculate the stock turnover of your inventory Calculation of the price ruction.  This inventory KPI can important to estimate the level of stock as accurately as possible at any given time. It is the difference between the theoretical stock (initial stock + goods receipts – sales) and the actual stock.