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The result is relat to the business volume and multipli by 100 to obtain a price ruction index, which represents the losses. Find out how to achieve inventory accuracy for your business. If inventory management is essential, it is also essential to better meet customer nes. To do this, companies have a multitude of indicators that must be part of the monthly or annual KPI reports . To optimize the stock level in relation to orders, it is recommend to pay attention to the following inventory KPIs : Logistics service fee Measures the percentage of orders deliver on time in relation to total orders.

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Depending on different parameters, such as the efficiency and management of transport services or production capacity. But it can also reflect a lack of inventory that prevent finish goods Czechia Business Email List from being manufactur on time. We share some logistics KPIs that will be useful to you. stock coverage It is calculat by dividing the volume or value of total available stocks or average stocks by the average consumption during a given period (daily, weekly, monthly or even annually). It is one of the inventory KPIs that allows measuring the efficiency of the stock: A stock that runs out quickly is a good sign, but one must be prudent in the face of possible shortages and dangers of the activity.

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Establishing a safety stock . It is also possible to calculate the stock coverage for the next days or weeks, using the sales forecasts. Learn how to measure the time to fill an inventory . Availability DP Leads rate It refers to the percentage of products available to customers. The calculation is simple: for every 100 products offer for sale, how many are actually available in the store or warehouse? This is a good way to estimate the capacity of orders. How to track inventory KPIs Thanks to current tools, such as an inventory dashboard, every company can have all the useful data at their fingertips.