ow to create an Outlook or Hotmail account

ow to create Go to the Outlook Live website The first thing you have to do is enter the LIVE platform. To do this, just type in your browser. Once here, click on “Create a free account” to begin the process. Enter the Outlook Website 2.Choose the “Create one” option If you already have one and want to register a new one, what you will need to do is select the option to open a new profile in Microsoft, since the initial screen you will see will be the one to log in. Hence you must go to the “Create one” option , as I indicate in the image:

The Outlook tutoria

Create a Hotmail Account . Choose email contact list your name and email domain From both point 1 and 2, the next step would be to choose the name you want for your email address. And, also, here you can choose (from the drop-down menu) if you want her to be of the type:. Regardless of which one you choose, you should know that any of the 3 options that Microsoft offers you will be managed from the same interface. Once you decide, click “Next” . Outlook or Hotmail Before continuing, you must keep in mind that, if when you click on “Next” ,

Creating a Hotmail

you see a red message indicating DP Leads that the name is in use, obviously you must select another option or use your creativity and choose another name distinct. As with all platforms of this type, the address must be unique for each user, so if you are creating it for personal matters, including your last name or a simplified version of these would be a good option. If your objectives are more professional, adding characters or a date to your company name is also another viable alternative. Outlook or Hotmail In my case,