What to focus on for the future

A look at what the world of marketing was like in 2020 and what trends and traits are most important for marketing success in 2021. Discover in this article what worked in 2020, what the main trends were, the most made mistakes and what the future will be like. market in 2021. On the marketing conclusions of 2020, it was a year for the record books. Companies had to adapt and, furthermore, they had to do so in a hurry and in the midst of a context marked by uncertainty. It was unexplored territory for both individuals and companies. But from everything that happened.

What worked in 2020

No one could have anticipated what 2020 held in Top People Data January of that year. But by mid-March, it became clear that marketing plans had gone out the window. The great winners were those capable of being flexible and adapting to adverse situations. It is important to carry this learning into the future. Although we have become accustomed to this “new normal”, the only certainty that the future holds for us will be more changes, making flexibility a trait that we must cultivate.

Marketing trends of 2020 that are here to stay

Beyond the general themes. There were definite DP Leads trends that took hold in 2020 that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. While many of these were on the rise long before COVID-19. They saw a substantial increase in popularity due to circumstances. Events have been a crucial part of marketing for a long time. The inability to hold in-person meetings led to a reframing of how we define events. And also made consumers eager to connect digitally. The creativity with which this trend has been approached, from live music to cooking classes, promises future growth.