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Do you want to know how to design a dashboard ? Let’s look at the six general steps you should follow: 1) Define the purpose of your dashboard : It is usually about managing a progress approach. Inde, it is about making the right decisions to achieve the set objective. 2) Specify the intervention points : It is necessary to identify the processes and activities that are going to monitor, as well as the people who will in charge of the strategic deployment.  Each manager and each team is responsible for applying the strategy, that is, for carrying out the tactics that will allow the goal to achiev. Performance objectives materialize what must achiev to meet the strategy or progress of the project.

Select the performance objectives

Choose performance indicators . Once we have reach this phase, we can choose the most relevant performance indicators to guide the decision-making process in a way that fits Norway Phone Number List perfectly with: The pursu strategy, the specific context, the nes of those responsible and, above all, the actions to manage.  Structure your dashboard : Now we have all the elements to structure the dashboard in a way that it is an aid for decision making.

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 Audit Over time the company

Evolves, knowlge is refin and strategies can change. Periodically, we must do an audit of our project. Of the KPIs that we are tracking to see if they conform to the objectives. To the DP Leads expect actions and to see if they are us correctly is an alternative to Tableau. Other dashboard software that allows you to create dashboards with an excellent user interface for visualizing your data. The use of dashboards greatly simplifies the process of managing information from different sources. In real time, for the analysis of the different areas of your business, without a doubt. They should part of your data strategies . If you want to create your own dashboard. Request a demo of our platform and tell us about your nes and projects.