SaaS Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth for a SaaS company is about creating long-term value that is a) profitable and b) able to be maintained over time without compromising the brand’s reputation. In other words, by building growth, you’re building a foundation for more growth as you go. We’ll talk about nine marketing strategies that are perfect for achieving and maintaining sustainable growth. 1. Build for product-market fit Product-market fit (PMF) is when a business has confirmed signals that its product can satisfy an existing demand in a market with high potential.

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Achieving PMF is when people are willing to buy the product (even if it’s not perfect yet), actively use it, and recommend it to others. This is a sustainable strategy because executive data it allows you to make sure you’re building something meaningful that will actually get paying users. PMF automatically makes your messaging more effective. You’re promoting a product people want. And you already know who you’re talking to, so your marketing dollars are better spent. Conversely, if none of your marketing efforts seem to work, the problem may be the product and not how creative or well funded your campaigns are.

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Companies with product-market fit all around. These will be companies that still offer the same kind of products that made them profitable: Slack, Atlassian, Shopify, etc. How it works The DP Leads general idea is to ship a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And iterate on it based on real user input until you see that people actively use it and recommend it. There are five steps in the process: Formulate the value hypothesis: Why is a customer likely to buy your product? Specify the features of your MVP: The right quantity and quality of features needed to verify the value hypothesis. Build your MVP: There are many ways to present your product to your audience; you don’t necessarily need to develop a fully functional product. Test the MVP with real users: In other words, get feedback.