Sam Teale’s John Lewis Alternative

Sam Teale’s John Lewis. If you haven’t already seen the benefits of the knowledge and breadth of experience within our community – we’ll also be making strides to make this more accessible to each of you. Those amongst you who are studying for the DMI PRO will find the guidance from those that went before you invaluable for example: I just passed my DMI PRO exam with 70.65 %. I have some tips which may be useful for you.

You might also consider joining an active discussion group on the topic of digital channels. Sam Teale’s John Lewis.

Learning and development is at the heart of the DMI

Learning and development is at the heart of the DMI, which is why CPD is so important for digital marketing special data professionals. In 2023, we’ll be making a few changes to our CPD scheme – so that you are rewarded for your learning effort and can share your CPD more easily. And I want to congratulate those Certified DMI Power Members who are actively participating in the CPD program in 2022 – that is 2,596 of you that have logged in excess of 7.9K learning activities. Since CPD launched, we’ve processed nearly 28K CPD submissions, which is just WOW!.

We added a new short course

special data

We added a new short course to our DMI Sprints – Social Media Platforms. And we have a further 3 launching DP Leads soon. So watch that space….
So, closing out with a really bad joke – be prepared…This past year, together as a community, we really sleighed! (sorry!) and we look forward to what 2023 brings. But for now, the team at DMI want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and peaceful holiday! Sam Teale’s John Lewis.