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Likely to work across all of them. Layer Music and Voiceovers If youre planning to use a video asset for Reels ads you probably wont be able to add music automatically in Ads Manager. Instead youll ne to add audio to the video before uploading to Ads Manager. Before adding a video asset to a Reels ad make sure to optimize the audio mix. A MetrixLab study commission by Meta found that Reels ads with both music and a voiceover had a 15-point higher average positive response score compar to ads without sound. #4 How to

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Creatives for Reels Ads Whether youre planning to advertise on Instagram Reels in the Facebook Reels fe or all possible Reels placements its a good idea to know your iting and optimization business database options before you begin. With Ads Managers manual and AI-power tools you can use all available opportunities to improve creative performance. Lets look at some of the most common options for Reels ads. Enable Advantage+ Creative The easiest way to optimize creatives for Reels ads is to switch on Metas AI-power Advantage+

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When you upload a video creative youll typically see one option standard enhancements. If you disable this option youll usually see a DP Leads prompt indicating that campaigns using standard enhancements can achieve 3% lower cost per result. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-enable-advantage-plus-standard-enhancements-12 So should you enable standard enhancements? If you do Meta automatically