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Growing audiences, and ensuring a better user experience. You’re the publisher, so you won’t need to spend time on ad monetization. Snigel is specially designed for busy content creators and web publishers who need a better ad management service to increase ad revenue. This helps them focus on creating compelling content,

Up to 10x higher Snigel is a Google  CPM showing ads

Offering quality and growing audiences. Snigel has partnered with more than 30 of the world’s largest Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs). This means that  new data only the highest bidder can place an ad on your website, ensuring that you get the highest price. Plus it builds deep, lasting relationships with its publishers by understanding priorities and customizing its solutions to meet demands. With Snigel  you can take advantage of endless features for your ad campaigns. They are:  header offer. Ad Block Revenue Recovery.  Real time reports  Ad Design Optimization . Optimization of offers and prices.  Native video  anti-malware analysis. GDPR and CCPA compliance Your commercial ads will consistently and easily comply with Google’s User Content Policy. Snigel’s AdConsent allows users to make decisions about which ad targeting levels they want to access and ensures that the website will remain compliant with regulations. #6. Publisher Payment Information Snigel

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Smart ad update • PMP offers • Next-generation ad formats • AMP Header Offers • Optimization of the vital data of the main web • GDPR and CCPA compliance DP Leads Snigel requires you to follow three steps to build a partnership: • Planning – Discuss your performance benchmarks, needs, and goals with the experts at Snigel. • Narrow : Let Snigel create an ad stack to complement your unique content strategy suited to your needs. • Grow Your Plant