Metaverse creativity and new narratives this is how Sitges Next 2022

The Sitges Next 2022 festival promotes innovation in the communication of brands, agencies. Therefore, start-ups and technological creators. In short. A meeting to establish connections and be inspired to contribute in a relevant way to the transformation of communication in the near future. Therefore, a meeting of 25 sessions. Which will be held on November 10 and 11 at the Mercat Vell in Sitges . The festival has more than 600 registered and can also be followed live through its YouTube channel . Sitges Next has 30 experts from the communication industry where presentations. Cases and round tables will be held. Which will address the most exciting trends and innovation. Therefore, dealing with new formats. The metaverse and creativity with the help of professionals and experts.

This will be Sitges Next 2022

The program brings together top industry data top-level figures who come from various countries. Such as the Mexican Jorge Calleja , CCO of Meta Reality Labs (Los Angeles); Jordi Pont , creative director at Nike (Amsterdam). Therefore, edu Pou , director of Metacampus (Australia). The opening of the event will take place on Thursday at 9:30 in the morning. Led by Xavier Duran, who is the director of the Festival, and Aurora Carbonell. The Mayor of Sitges. Therefore, throughout the day there will be a series of presentations and round tables. Therefore, will be present at Sitges Next led by Javier Piedrahita , CEO & Founder of this medium.

Meetings of Thursday November 10

After the opening of the festival. The different meetings will take place. Among the dozen talks and tables held on Thursday. Therefore, jumpers, a case” stands out . Presented by Oriol Fernández. Natalia Carranza , from the Fuego Camina Conmigo agency. Therefore, for his part, Pau García from Domestic Data Streamers will present “A story of data & love Where the professional will talk about why the world cannot be understood without numbers, but it would not be understood only with them. On DP Leads the same day, Thursday. Daniel Calabuig will present “Where does the future come from?” and he will explain, as an expert, the new ways of telling stories through his book “Unmemory.” A novel that can be played.