Terra portal and the Magnetis company

 Terra portal and the Magnetis company. Both pieces of content answer the question “How to invest your savings.” Please note that, despite the great authority and relevance of the portal, the content of Terra does not take into account some of the points raised by the Magnetis text: subtitles (using h2 in the middle of the text); images and infographics; shorter paragraphs; Visual assets (podcast players, tables, etc.). Needless to say, the contents of Magnetics appear on the front of Terra’s portal material. The point here is that great content means nothing if it’s poorly formatted. Form and function need to be considered at all times. If the text structure is incorrect, the direct consequence is that users will not have the patience to consume and will soon leave the website.

The point here is that great content means

Google will notice this, identifying bounce rates and time on page. It will rank your website lower in search results. So when generating content (in this case text), consider: Always use subtitles (h2); Subtitles must be clear and explain what each topic is about; If the content is long, consider adding an index at the beginning; In the introduction Be clear. Explain what the text is about; use images that add to the content. Also work on print and infographics; avoid long paragraphs; answer new database  questions from your audience. 5. What’s Not Measured Measurement is probably the most overlooked discipline in content marketing practices.

Consider adding an index at the beginning

The most common scenarios are as follows: The company produces the content; The content is published; The content is expected to deliver results. But wait. What is the result? access? Convert? Jobs at Google? But if you don’t measure anything, if you don’t use Google Analytics or Semrush or other tools, how do you know.Virtually any email trigger tool will offer you simple indicators: openings; clicks; opening rate; click rate; mark as spam; unsubscribes. If your purpose is relationship-orient, focus on these numbers and vary the title, content and structure of your emails DT Leads to try to improve. Also consider the possibility of running a/b tests on your shooting tool. Now, if the objective is sales, it will also be necessary to measure conversions.