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The possible to assess how resource productivity develops within each of these areas. When the material flows for the construction sector make up 50% of the material flows by weight. Small changes in e.g. the consumption of durable consumer goods in the form of fewer purchases of consumer goods – perhaps as a result of longer lifespans or more arrangements with the sharing economy – “drowne in changes in the large quantities of materials in the construction sector. The time delay in calculating material flows can also be a challenge. There will naturally be a certain delay in how quickly statements of material flows in a give year can be prepare. nd thus how quickly efforts and thus effects of public regulation can be evaluate.

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Therefore, it is important that not only load and condition indicators are use in the monitoring of the circular economy. Effort/response indicators must also be develope. Performance Whatsapp Number List indicators could be indicators with a focus on the social practices of citizens and companies in the form of whether repairs of household appliances and appliances are carrie out or abandon. Whether one participates in sharing economy schemes, etc. When, for example, IDA’s repair survey from 2017 showe that citizens abandon 25-30% of repairs on consumer durables. Because the repairs are too expensive compare to buying a new product.

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Interesting to know how many of the more than 200,000 washing machines that Danes buy annually are due to abandone repairs. Whether change VAT rules or longer warranty periods would change this practice. The EU’s Circular Economy Monitoring Programme As mentione, resource productivity DP Leads is an indicator use by the EU. As many probably know. The EU has also launche a circular economy package in 2018, which. containea circular economy monitoring program. The program’s indicators are shown in the figur. European Commission, Eurostat The closest one comes among the propose indicators to other forms of circular economy in the form of slower and smaller material flows, is an indicator of employment in the sectors that are said to be relevant for circular economy.