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Which is stat thus : “Recycling as well as repair and reuse are consider good proxies for the mainstreaming of the circular economy in other sectors.” Rental and leasing activities are also recognize as contributions to the circular economy. but are not include, as the statistics do not. According to the EU Commissionand Eurostat “can distinguish in sufficient detail the activities that clearly contribute to the circular economy from those that do not.” The document lists a number of NACE codes include within recycling and reuse. Employment in this part of the economy in Denmark is state to be at the level of the EU average of approx.

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Commission’s and Eurostat’s discussion of statistics for WEEE waste. That the focus is on the processing of raw materials from waste and NOT on the lifetime of the products – at the Fax List same time. However, warning against only assessing waste volumes base on weight: “Compare with other waste streams, e-waste may not appear to be significant in terms of weight. However, it provides a good example of the untappe potential to recover valuable raw materials. It is estimate that up to 60 out of 118 chemical elements in the periodic table can be found in complex electronics, many of which could be recovere although their current recycling levels are very low.

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Critical raw materials such as gallium germanium, indium, and dysprosium are predominantly use in EEE and are a priority area of ​​the EU action plan for the circular economy.” It may DP Leads also come as a surprise that Denmark appears in the WEEE statistics shown with a recycling rate for WEEE waste of approx. 40, when there is not much focus on this in the Danish WEEE system. Join us in discussing the need for circular economy indicators.  The shows that there is a need to develop indicators for the circular economy strategies that Inspiration can be draw from some of the concepts from life cycle assessments.