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The quality and demand for the inventory you hold, and whether you have good purchasing practices. In general, a higher stock turnover rate is better, while a lower stock turnover rate suggests inefficiency and difficulty converting stock into revenue. Each type of industry will have different benchmarks and standards. For example, a fresh produce supplier will have many more turnovers than a heavy machinery manufacturer. A fast turnover is a good sign because it means that the company is managing its supplies, stocks and purchases well. The way a company manages its inventories is also relat to its working capital nes. This will allow you to decide where to place your products within the areas of your establishment.

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If inventories are low, the company will ne fewer resources to finance storage. It is also important to avoid overstocking and stockouts. Here more information about the importance Bulk SMS USA of proper inventory control . How to Calculate Inventory Turnover To calculate inventory turnover you must add the following: ƒ Sum(Cost of Goods Sold) / ((Beginning Inventory Value + Ending Inventory Value) / 2) Example: If a clothing retailer generates $1 million in sales each month, with $400,000 in cost of goods sold, and beginning month inventory was valu.

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Using the sales method, inventory turns = $1 million. The organization of your workflows : if your center works with different rates of stock rotation, the flows of goods are more complicat to manage. 20 times per month Using the cost of goods sold method, inventory turns = $400 / (( $45,000 + $55,000 ) / 2 ) = 8 times per DP Leads month. There are two types of calculations that can be us: the sales method and the cost of goods sold method. The cost of goods sold method produces a more accurate result because profit margin is not taken into account. Average inventory value is calculat by adding the beginning and ending inventory and dividing by two. Inventory Turnover Impact Stock rotation affects the operation of your center and determines: The design : Knowing your turnover rate is essential to organize your logistics center.