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Create a dashboard to visualize your strategic indicators A dashboard is a tool to group the main indicators according to the strategic objectives of the company. Indeed, since the dashboard is synthetic, it can only contain a few main indicators. The choice of indicators allows the manager to show the teams the axes and objectives that he considers to be priorities. A dashboard also allows you to highlight trends and make forecasts. It helps to anticipate turns or negotiate important changes by highlighting deviations, changes or consistency (or inconsistency) between different indicators. Its role is to help assess the effectiveness of your operating strategy.

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If you want to create a dashboard to monitor your strategic indicators, at TuDashboard we can help you. Learn more about our platform by creating a free account, or if Australia Phone Number List you prefer, schedule a demo so that one of our advisors can guide you in the implementation of your business information visualization project. business goals. What are they and how to establish them POSTED ONAUGUST 9, 0 It is in the nature of businesses to set goals. But there are various business goals , both stock market, social and even environmental. As you can see, the goals are not only related to the profitability of the project.

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The time to set goals for your organization. A plan with ambitious goals will help you grow, face challenges and adapt to changing conditions. What are business DP Leads goals? Business goals are those that reflect the way in which the company envisions its integration into the environment. When these are explicit, they can be the instruments that guide and channel, and coordinate the actions of all, until the analysis of the performance achieved. By setting goals, you mobilize and motivate your team to action. This allows you to achieve the strategic vision for your business.