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Internal tools like a CRM. Sales indicators can be, for example, the relationship between loyal customers and total customers (in terms of turnover or number), the cost of acquiring a customer, the number of new customers and the number of lost customers. over a period of time, the number of visits to the website, the bounce rate, etc. The commercial indicators also include measures related to the information on the added value of the products, the notoriety of the brand, the weight of the company’s innovation in the target market. Management indicators Another of the strategic indicators are the management indicators, which include all the indicators used to control the profitability, financing and administrative monitoring of the company.

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Obviously, they must be adapte according to the final objective of the manager (development, profitability, resale, etc.). They are establishe using accounting data, which UK Phone Number List generates a lag in obtaining them. For example, the margin achiev, profitability, cash flow, pending clients, etc. I invite you to know the characteristics of profitability indicators . Indicators related to production Production processes and procedures can be controlled through indicators adapted to the company and that take into account its technical and economic specificities. By production we understand industrial processes.

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Which can be broke down into several sub-processes if necessary, but also administrative and organizational processes (creation of a new client, response time at the reception, number DP Leads of calls received per hour, etc. training (satisfaction rate, rate of use of computer tools, etc.). I share 0 commercial productivity indicators . Human resources indicators Many managers agree that the main value of a company lies in the quality of its staff, so it is important to establish human resources indicators to manage and control this quality. For example, it is very possible to establish indicators to control the correct distribution of vacations, the level of absenteeism to improve working conditions if necessary, the level of team turnover, etc.