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 Crafting a usp can be tricky. And pulling it off completely within your brand might take a little time. But the results – customers who keep coming back . And potential customers who remember you and are attract   to you – it’s worth it. Creating a unique and compelling selling proposition sparks interest among potential customers. Making it easier for them to learn more about your brand and stay in touch by installing social m  ia follow buttons on your blog or website. They are free and easy to install and. Best of all. They make it easy for your visitors to instantly follow you on their favorite social networks with just one click.


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 Do you find yourself spending a lot of africa email list time doing repetitive tasks. Like copying information from your email inbox into your to-do list manager? Have you ever gotten distract   by your social m  ia when you just ne     to post a quick update? There are so many distractions online – and so many tasks that can eat up valuable time when you’re a busy marketer. The good news is that there are a lot of great tools that can help in all sorts of ways. There are content curation tools. Social m  ia sch  uling tools. Social listening tools. Social m  ia management tools. Project management and collaboration tools. And more.


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 The number of marketing productivity tools DP Leads can be overwhelming. And it’s easy to get stuck in the process of evaluating tool after tool to find the best option for your ne  s. To help r  uce the overwhelmingness. Below we’ve shar   eight of our favorite tools for important marketing functions like   iting. Social m  ia management. And collaboration.   1: grammatically marketing productivity tools: grammar while content   iting may not be your responsibility. Grammar is a very useful tool to help you spot typos and errors in everything you write. Whether it’s a quick tweet or a full blog post. Grammarly has your back.