Paid Traffic on Facebook and Instagram When to use this strategy?

When we talk about social networks, it is inevitable that we do not think first of Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms  which belong to a single company – have millions of active users who use these networks daily, making them powerful tools to attract qualified leads to your  business and generate high conversion rates. But it is not enough just to create a profile of your company in the main social media, it is necessary to devise elaborate marketing strategies to build an impactful digital presence that brings real results. One of these strategies is paid traffic, boosting amounts invested in specific posts or ads through Meta Business: the tool for managing your company’s actions on Facebook.

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Subject while reading this article. Paid traffic on social media Producing quality materials to be published on social networks is essential to bring the company’s engagement and recognition by the target audience, but as organic growth within the digital world  happens in a  hurried way, paid traffic appears as a shortcut. When we talk about paid traffic specifically on social networks, we can call it Social Australia Mobile Number List Ads. Meta Business offers personalized and detailed settings for campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram, with 3 final objectives: awareness, a way to distribute the content or ad more widely to as many people as possible; consideration, which proposes a specific action to the target audience as a reaction or sending.

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The particularities of paid traffic on each of the platforms. Facebook and Instagram. practicality of use Both social networks use the same ads manager within. Meta Business which ends up being much more practical and intuitive for those who are present on both. Facebook and Instagram. You can simultaneously create a campaign on Facebook while doing the same for Instagram. And you DP Leads can analyze the results of these campaigns using the same tool. Reach and engagement. Facebook certainly has more users than Instagram, as it was born much earlier than the second social network. Therefore, when we talk about reaching a maximum number of people. The ideal thing is that Facebook ads are prioritiz, on the other hand, it has a different target audience than Instagram.