Having a Blog on your website can put you on the first page of Google

Different from the initial concept of what a blog was for the internet in the early 2000s, which was translated as a virtual diary of the person who wrote it, the blog currently plays a strategic role in the implementation of digital marketing in a company. Usually inserted as a section on a website, the blog hosts content posts related to the business segment and goes well beyond the function of simply organizing information in a text. Continue reading this article to discover the reasons why you should have a blog on your website. A powerful way to connect with your customers You’ve certainly already looked for information about a company on Google or other search engines and come across an outdated website, without useful data or even with sparse textual content. And on the other hand, you remember sites that are well structur.

With blogs that bring relevant content to the target audience

Which one has the chance to keep the customer there longer? Well-written, cohesive blog posts that maintain a commitment to passing on useful content and not just giving that famous “wrap around” are seen in an extremely positive way by their readers. And you can earn  even Austria Phone Numbers List more points with your audience by allocating a place for comments, action buttons (like sharing) and other functions that, in addition to building a bridge between the customer and the company, generate more engagement and organic traffic to the website. site. The company’s other digital channels benefit from a blog Certain publications within a blog need dense subjects, with super detailed information and several sections within a single text so that the post fulfills its ultimate goal of passing the content in the most understandable way possible.

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This opens up the possibility of fragmenting parts of the content into several

Other posts, for different social media. Dense content can turn into several posts for social networks. Newsletters for email marketing, guides, videos and a multitude of possibilities. And this boost in your company’s content marketing will definitely make your digital presence stand out. A well-structured blog plays a strategic role in marketing actions Posts with relevant. Content have several functions DP Leads within a marketing strategy. Being part of the customer’s purchase journey and serving as a basis for the implementation of SEO. The use of the right keywords is what even makes your site rank in search engines. Appearing on the first page of results when someone searches for subjects related to your company. This strategic role of the blog generates qualified leads. Since it is your company that will appear at the top of searches when the user. Searches for a product or service related to your business.