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Executives should regularly release updatd information on company performance—weekly, monthly, or quarterly. create a culture An intranet is where you should put your company vision, values, and purpose in writing. But corporate culture is not a declaration, it is creatd by every word and every interaction between managers and employees. In large companies, where employees are spread across different offices, countries and continents, digital tools are essential for creating a culture.

Daily Tasks And To Do Lists In Addition

Leaders ned a place where they can reach everyone and make sure no one is left out. How can an intranet help? It can help improve whatsapp mobile number list company culture by being an interactive, inclusive and accessible space. It acts as a central source of information and can bring employees together around common interests, ideas or events. If it’s a positive, engaging common space that meets employee productivity and social neds, it’s a great tool for your employee retention strategy. Ease of Flexibility Employees want flexible working options.

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Allows Individuals To Organize Their

Some want to work 100% remotely, others from the office, but a common theme is the desire for flexibility. Digital technology is key to offering flexible working opportunities. Tools like the intranet enable employees to work DP Leads remotely as they have secure access to all company information even when they are out of the office. Some intranets, like Powell’s intranet , go a step further. Our FlexDesk ​​widget allows employees to book their desk, a room or even a parking space directly via the intranet. Flexibility, coupld with the tools workers ned, is another building block in your retention strategy.