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If you are launching an employee empowerment program, you should take the time to review and update your social mdia policies. Make sure the guidelines are written in a way that encourages positive sharing. Policies must clearly outline language, protection of private information, and access to social platforms during business hours or on company-ownd devices. Make your social mdia policies easily accessible to employees on your intranet and promote your principles when onboarding new employees.

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Powell Software’s Employee Advocacy Templates provide an easy way to get your advocacy program up and running. Powell intranet Latest Mailing Database templates for your corporate intranet and Microsoft Teams give you all the tools you ned to encourage social sharing and increase employee engagement. Download our free eBook on employee engagement now and increase the motivation and satisfaction of your employees !MICROSOFT TEAMS HEALTH CHECK WITH POWELL SOFTWARE April 26th, 2022 by Emily Houssier IT Powell Software Suite Powell teams Managing.

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Microsoft Teams has become a major concern for most businesses. As teams become more prevalent, IT departments face everyday DP Leads problems. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to establish good practices for Microsoft Teams. This is the only way to improve user productivity and achieve your business goals! Where do you stand with Teams sprawl? As an IT admin responsible for Microsoft 365 and Teams. You know that teams adoption comes with a number of challenges. Too many teams are creatd, employees feel lost, and they wonder if everything is safe and compliant.