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Since support issues can arise suddenly and without warning, the team relies heavily on a dashboard for real-time visibility into their activities. KPis that you should monitor in your support dashboard These are some of the indicators that you should monitor in your customer support dashboard: Support tickets and response A dashboard allows you to analyze your support team’s ability to respond to customer tickets in a timely manner. It is a well document fact that quick response time results in happy customers. So with a customer support dashboard you can take a close look at ticket trends and response times to flag any trends that may require further investigation.

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Time on a customer support dashboard and examine your ability to respond to tickets in a timely manner. The goal is to resolve tickets as quickly as possible so that your Japan Phone Number List customers are satisfi. Some issues take a little longer to be investigat and resolv. In general, the goal is to solve all the tickets in the period that you have defin. Learn how to measure the first response time of the customer support team. Number of tickets per hour This indicator answers a simple, yet critical question: what time are the most tickets sent to our team? By answering this question clearly.

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About staffing and work schules, ensuring we have the right number of support staff available when our clients ne them most. Learn more about the customer support request metric . Entries by Request Type Create a customer support dashboard and gain insight into the types of support tickets being submitt, and the impact of resolving those tickets. For example, you can categorize tickets in two ways: by account type (customer, partner, trial, or other) and by ticket type (data sources, formulas, admin, etc.). This allows us to inform both our sales and product teams of potential opportunities to improve processes and the customer experience.

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