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Ticket types Monitor and track patterns regarding the types of tickets customers submit. This allows, at a high level, to identify trends to share with your development and UX teams. Similarly, it allows the support team to anticipate the types of questions and inquiries they will handle on any given day. Check out these customer service strategies . Help Center Statistics You can track the number of visitors to any page in your customer support file center, and compare that value to the previous week. This allows you to determine the most popular articles for prioritizing documentation revisions, and for creating future content to help resolve customer issues.

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Technical support indicators for better customer service. Create your own customer support dashboard At TuDashboard we can help you create your own customer service or support Malaysia Phone Number List dashboard that will help you monitor the performance of your work team and anticipate any problem that may arise with your clients. You can have your business information in the same space by integrating data from various sources that will be updat to be able to make timely decisions that help you build the trust of your customers. If you want to know what a dashboard is for and the advantages it will bring to your business.

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Do not hesitate to request a demo of our services and discover all the functions of our software for dashboards. Advantages of cloud storage POST ONJULY 23. 2021 There is nothing DP Leads worse than losing your data. The fear of losing it should take advantage of cloud storage . Data is a crucial component of any business. They handle gigabytes or terabytes of data. When a lot of files are stor on a PC, the PC will most likely become slow. Eresulting in poor performance. If you are afraid of losing your data, keep reading, and learn more about the benefits of cloud storage.