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Ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-app-promotion-upload-optimmize-short-form-video-creative-placement-captions-thumbnail-4 Then you can scroll through the previews to ensure the creative displays correctly across all placements. When you launch the campaign youll be able to use Ads Managers placement breakdown to review results from each placement in the Reels fe. #2 How to Advertise on Instagram Reels Ads between Instagram reels arent new as advertisers have been able to promote content in the Reels fe

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 On Instagram reels are new as of June 2023. Theyre a near-replica of the ad placement for Facebook which already supports ads on reels. If you want to replicate the b2b email list success youve had with ads on Facebook reels or if youre looking for a new opportunity to reach Instagram reels viewers this new option looks promising. Lets walk through how to set up this ad format. Select Compatible Campaign and Ad Set Options Every

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Ads Manager supports ads on Instagram reels. Yet certain ad set-level settings arent compatible with this placement. For example it doesnt work with phone call conversion DP Leads locations or on-ad engagement. ads-on-reels-advertise-on-instagram-reels-compatible-campaign-ad-set-options-stories-5 You can confirm that your ad will show on Instagram reels by choosing all relevant campaign and ad set settings first. Then at the ad set level select Manual Placements to confirm that the Ads on Instagram Reels placement is enabl. Choose