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An Ad Creative for Instagram Reels At the ad level upload a creative. I recommend using the workflow we cover above to select a separate creative for each group of placements. That way youll have fewer individual its to make later. If you opt to upload video assets for all placements youll notice that the creative displays correctly everywhere except the Ads on Instagram Reels placement. This placement doesnt

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Assets so click the pencil icon to it it individually. ads-on-reels-advertise-on-instagram-reels-ad-creative-placement-image-6 Then choose a relevant image to upload and use Ads Managers built-in cropping tools as necessary. Note that ads b2b leads display as a square on Instagram reels so its best to crop your creative to this aspect ratio manually. ads-on-reels-advertise-on-instagram-reels-ad-creative-image-ads-manager-cropping-tools-7 Its also important to note that ads on both Instagram and Facebook reels appear very small generally

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Of the screen. To make this placement work for your business use an eye-catching image keeping in mind that busy graphics and text overlays may not be legible. Although ads on Facebook and DP Leads Instagram reels look the same to viewers in the Reels fe the creative requirements arent the same for advertisers. Ads on Instagram reels have to use image assets while ads on Facebook reels should use video assets. ads-on-