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Committing to a data analysis program can lead your company to success. 4 types of data analysis for SMEs Generally speaking, there are 4 types of data analysis : Descriptive analysis : It is the one that involves the use of existing business intelligence data to describe a current situation or some element of past performance. Diagnostic analysis: Focuses on deeply investigating the reason why something happens or the reasons why new trends are manifesting. Prictive Analytics : Aims to prict future performance bas on interpretation of existing data. Prescriptive analysis.

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It is that it offers companies suggest courses of action, bas on prictions of future performance. Today there is the facility for data analysis for SMEs to be carri out through a data Kenya Phone Number List dashboard in the cloud,  easier than ever to start with analysis at the descriptive and diagnostic levels, especially for small ones. companies. Organizations of all sizes can improve by taking advantage of the vast amount of data that their business generates and taking advantage of the opportunities that business analytics offer . 5 advantages of data analysis for SMEs If you’re not sure.

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Where or how your SME should start with analytics, consider all of these opportunities for effective data interpretation. Improve the results of marketing campaigns Data analytics DP Leads can show you which messages resonate with different audiences. Help you segment audiences bas on behavioral or demographic data,  the strongest results, and more. Data analysis for SMBs can be especially valuable in confirming assumptions you may have made as part of a business planning or SWOT analysis exercise. Since both ventures involve a lot of guesswork, incorporating business analytics into the mix allows your SMB to make decisions bas on real data. I share 3 keys to optimizing a marketing campaign . 2. Fine tune sales efforts Which of your sellers is the one that generates the most income?