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Do you feel disappointed and frustrated when he didn’t listen to you and decided to try some other path to lose weight? 10 pounds in seven weeks instead of five? Do you stop supporting and encouraging him because he didn’t listen to you and “wasted” two weeks? This same thought process goes through the minds of our loved ones when we decide to walk our own path. We know that by studying and going to paid work, there is a chance to live a good life. People close to me think that studying and going to work is a faster and easier way than blogging and possibly being an entrepreneur.

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How do you make it to the finish line as a winner, even if you don’t get the support you need from your loved ones? We should understand new database that we can only influence how people and loved ones see us. We cannot control them and their thoughts. We can say to them “ You know,  could get your support and encouragement on this journey. ” Or we can think: “ I don’t care what others think of me, I will succeed anyway. ” A “damn” attitude always affects you and your trip negatively. being supported. Asking for approval and support will help you on your way towards your own dream, because it will help you show those close to you that you know what you’re doing. You strengthen the trust of your loved ones in yourself and your journey. I strongly believe that loved ones don’t always understand the powerful effect their words have on us.

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Even if they don’t say anything negative, their lack of support comes across as negative. support us is more due to them and their world of thought than to us. They don’t know how to approach the new way of doing things. And that can be scary. don’t get approval from those close to me, it means I’m a disappointment to them. And that’s a depressing feeling. their loved ones. For a long time I felt that just to hear my loved ones tell me “Well done” was as difficult as having a wisdom tooth removed. Then  DQ Leads one day I got an idea. Instead of telling my loved ones about the results I got in my work, I started telling them the feedback that students and clients gave me.