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Current ER occupancy : How many rooms/beds are available compared to those currently in use. Average waiting time in the emergency room: Control the hours of greatest influx and monitor the time that patients usually wait. Average hospital stay: How long patients stay in the health center. Treatment costs : How much it costs your company to perform a single treatment. Patient satisfaction: How satisfied are your patients with the care. Readmission Rates : Monitor the number of patients returning to your center for care. Insurance costs : Know the type of health insurance your patients use.

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They follow up on strategic indicators that help them achieve the desired growth. Either by increasing sales, acquiring new markets, improving the DP Leads customer experience, reducing production costs, etc.  there are many ways to move towards success. Leveraging accurate and reliable data to identify areas for improvement that help the business prosper is why managers are increasingly considering the use of indicators as part of their decision-making process. Let’s find out what those strategic indicators are that will help us achieve our objectives, but beforeWhat are strategic indicators? A strategic indicator is one that aims to measure the performance of actions to achieve the objectives that an organization has set itself in the short, medium and long term.