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I share 5 KPIs to measure the success of an online event . Registration vs. event check in % who attend of potential attendees who register Of the people who register for the event, who got engag and show up at the venue? There will always a disparity in these numrs, but if you look at the data for each delivery and compare them. Is there a noticeable increase or decrease in attendance rates? If there is, was it cause of the coronavirus? Or, what was the reason? % of tickets purchas of total available (by type) If you have VIP guests, if you are one of the sponsors, it is essential to track sales (conversions) by ticket type.

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Registration conversions can tell you a lot about how your event pans out. This can help you decide whether or not to increase the investment in specific audiences, or ruce it, all Jordan Phone Number List of this of course, to obtain tter results for the engagement. 3. Social impressions vanity metrics Page views, profile, numr of followers and likes can paint an unrealistic picture of actual engagement. Meaning, you don’t ne to have a ton of followers to increase engagement on your event’s social mia channels. Regardless of follower count, if those who see your content (whether they follow you directly.

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The interact and engage with it in comments or share the posts, then the engagement will higher than your same followers who never click.  Share or comment DP Leads on your posts. Impressions vs. Commitment The difference tween an impression and an engagement is that impressions tell you how many times your content (whether sponsor. Organic) was deliver or serv, while engagements are direct and active interactions with the content itself (shares, comments). Where these ideas get really interesting for engagement tracking is repeat views of your profile. Regular comments on posts, and content engagements.