Here you will find a dictionary of digital marketing terms to understand once and for all to set up your marketing strategy

Refers to what position your ad occupies on the Google results page. This position is determin by factors such as ad quality and cost per click, for example. AdSense : is a Google tool that enables publishers to earn money by displaying ads on websites and blogs. That is, it analyzes the site and visitors and, based on that, displays advertising from advertisers that may be of interest to the user of that site. AIDA : Acronym that represents the stages of the relationship with the user in marketing and means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The term was creat by Elias St. Elmo Lewis and is currently us in marketing strategies to generate new customers. It is related to human behavior. Reach : In Content Marketing, reach refers to the number of people reached by a publication.

They define which content should be seen by users It is used, for example

Google in internet searches and on Facebook to define what will displayed in your news feed according to the instructions that were pass to the algorithm. Alternative text (alt text): the alternative text describes the image and appears when a website does Hong Kong Phone Numbers List not load an image, as an alternative, the website then displays the alternative text inside a box where the image should appear. Alt text is useful when an image link is broken or chang. Sample : is a representative number on a smaller scale of the total population. In this way, this clipping is able to represent the characteristics and data of the whole. Analytics : in general, it is the applied use of data and information from the analysis of a website, social network, email marketing, etc.

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That allows integration between two platforms that is one software can use

The functions of another. Some examples are Facebook, Google Youtube and Instagram Article.¬† Textual production that conveys both knowledge and the solution to the problems of the public that seeks the article. Audience : This is the name given to the audience that follows DP Leads your brand’s content on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Marketing automation : consists of making the steps of the email marketing strategy automatic. This process automatically generates leads and sends emails, for example. However, this does not replace human action, it only reduces the number of actions required and increases the efficiency of the marketing strategy. Autoresponder : occurs when a potential customer visits your website or your social network and initiates contact. In this way, this automatic response system starts the dialogue with a pre-configured message and is able to direct.