Tips that will help you create your virtual store from scratch

The consequences of the new coronavirus pandemic, such as isolation and social distancing measures, have changed the way people consume. Physical purchases began to be avoided and virtual purchases skyrocketed. According to the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), e-commerce registered more than 50% growth between March and May, in addition to substantial increases in the number of orders and total revenue. After reading all this, do you want some tips on how to open your virtual store? 1 – Research the market Find out if your product is salable and, above all, if the market you plan to enter is on the rise and has opportunities to grow. For this, you need to carry out a complete market research analyzing aspects such as competitors, price, brands, delivery time, payment methods. Know the weaknesses and strengths of competitors and strengthen their weaknesses. Also, avoid selling everything.

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E-commerce platforms available. Even for small businesses just starting out. Anyway, the question is to choose the one that best fits your profile and your needs. It is important to take into account aspects such as support for resolving problems and doubts, various means of Indian Phone Number List payment and integration with ERP, a system that integrates data and business processes. As well as that the tool is responsive and accessible by cell phones, in addition to offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a set of techniques that optimizes searches and helps to achieve good rankings in searches. scott graham 5fNmWej4tAA unsplash 1024×683 – 8 tips that will help you create your online store from scratch! Make a good plan to ensure the survival of your online store 3 – Planning the virtual store Calculate all your costs, from the initial ones to the fixed monthly expenses.

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Afterwards plan how much you will need at the beginning and also

Include fixed expenses for at least one year. Based on that, create a box with that value. Your planning should take into account gross and net margins, fixed and variable costs and forecast scenarios. When setting up the budget, be very realistic. 4 – Pricing Be strategic when DP Leads calculating sales prices, that is, when pricing. For this, you need to know your costs and expenses (taxes, operational cost and product cost) and what your desired profit margin is. This way, you can cover expenses and make a profit to feed your business. 5 – Disclosure strategy You know your market, your competitors and you already have everything planned. And now? Now, you need to disclose. A beautiful and well-planned store is of no use if no one knows it exists. Do some research on which disclosure channels you need to be in to reach your audience and invest in them. There are also numerous services that can help you understand your audience, analyze conversion rate, daily visits and much more.