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That’s part of the fun of being part of the IDA community: there’s always someone who knows at least as much as you about a given topic. If you want to know more about Jens Kehlet Nørskov, I can recommend’s portrait from January . It is the first time since Niels Bohr himself receiv the gold mal – in 1955 – that the mal is given to a Dane. With the award, Jens Kehlet Nørskov joins a prominent circle of recipients, as the mal has been given to no fewer than nine Nobel Prize winners over the years. Read more about the mal on the official website.

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The ITS World Congress in September is now over. For a whole week, the focus was on Copenhagen and intelligent transport systems. And it was a success. With 250 sessions, 400 Bulk SMS Nepal exhibitors and 10,000 participants. It was a week with a fantastic atmosphere. From the Danish side, we probably contribut mainly in two areas. It was partly the use of advanc signal management and in the Mobility as a service (MaaS) area. The Danish-develop MaaS app MinRejseplan was implement in Copenhagen in connection with the congress, it was offer to all delegates, and for the first time an electronic ticket was deliver to all delegates so that they could use public transport for free.

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The coming time will show whether we here at home manage to implement the many technological possibilities that the world congress present. So that we can continue to DP Leads improve our mobility, traffic safety and the traffic environment. Everyone is talking about a master plan for the transport sector, and in addition to investments in infrastructure and public transport, it must also include a plan for using the new technological possibilities – including Maa’s solutions in particular. It is necessary that in the future we drive together to a greater extent and use shar cars and collective transport.