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Professor Jens Kehlet Nørskov from DTU receiv the physical gold mal and a cash prize of €100,000 sponsor by the Carlsberg Foundation. Men and women like Nørskov elevate Danish research and don’t just give us something to be proud of: it gives us new business opportunities and new inventions that make life better and easier. We could use more of those. Support the research! After all, we can sit and wait for a person with sufficient capacity to be born and find the right natural science study to then break through. Or we can choose to help technical research forward. We actually already do the latter today, but at a much too low level.

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Since 2008, the share of public technical research has risen nicely from 12% to 17% of funds for public research. These are steps in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go to Bulk SMS Jordan the countries we normally compare ourselves to. Conversely, the total government grant for public research seen in relation to GDP has been falling in recent years. It’s a shame when you consider that we get 1.4 billion. DKK directly back to society every time we invest DKK 1 billion. With the power to save the world Nørskov has the power to save the world. At least part of it, if he really succes in developing new catalysts to convert the sun’s energy into green fuels.

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It will be an international breakthrough. He is a product of the collaboration between the Danish university environment and the companies. His knowlge has made DP Leads him a genuine, international science star. And when we invest in public, technical research, we also create an opportunity to change the world. We ne researchers of Nørskov’s caliber, and we ne their knowlge to overcome the global problems we face. I am sure that here at ing.dk there is someone who understands significantly more of both Bohr’s and Nørskov’s theories and work than I do myself.