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Therefore, it is important to carry out this work when a company’s strategy has just been define or adjuste to a greater or lesser extent. Types of strategic indicators To be effective. The indicators must be groupe, usually in a strategic dashboard that covers all the departments of the company. Four main categories of indicators can be distinguishe. Sales and Marketing Indicators The commercial performance indicators will make it possible to measure the effectiveness of the company (level of activity. Effectiveness of promotion plans, customer satisfaction, market share of the different products, signing of framework agreements, etc. Figures such as business volume (by product, branch, service, vendor, etc are usually provid by the accounting department, since only the elements that are accounte for are take into account.

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Bubble chart example If you want to use this or other graphs in a dashboard, such as the bar graph. Line graph or any other kind of graph, do not hesitate to tell us. At we have various New Zealand Business Fax List types of charts. Including the bubble chart, which will help you perform a better analysis of your metrics and KPIs. Check out these dashboard examples and decide to create your own data dashboard. Metrics to measure results: Advantages and types that exist POST ONAUGUST 16. 2021 In every company there is a ne to control, maintain or improve results: business volume, stock level, order book, average basket, new markets, new products, etc.

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Measure results These metrics and KPIs help us measure the health of the company as a decision-making tool. Advantages of using metrics to measure results Here are some of DP Leads the reasons. Why you should track different metrics to assess your organization’s performance. They give you information about the efficiency of production processes. Others are provided by the marketing department (customer surveys, etc.), the customer service department (number of quality calls, product return rate etc.