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information on the quality of services By monitoring metrics to measure results, as a manager you will quickly know if your company is doing well or not. So you can act effectively to correct the mistakes made or to continue and increase their development. It is, therefore, concrete and operational information. Types of metrics to measure your business results The elaboration of a list of indicators offers the business manager a global vision of the health of the company. These are metrics that must cover all fields of application of the company. These are generally classified according to axes.

The financial axis sought

There are indicators that seek to highlight the value and profitability of the investment for a partner or investor, with the aim of increasing the resale value, for example; must be Switzerland Business Fax List  first of all in the accounting documents. The most used are billing (global, by product/service, by department) or gross margin . The customer axis Here, customer satisfaction and the quality of the relationship with them stand out; For example, these indicators can be found on Internet forums, through customer surveys or thanks to CRM tools. Some metrics to measure customer-related results are the loyalty rate (number of loyal customers out of total customers), customer acquisition cost.

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Customer churn metrics  The internal shaft All the internal processes can be supervised by performance indicators. With the aim of improving the profitability and DP Leads efficiency of the department or organization. The time dedicated to administrative procedures. The rates of absence and resignation of employees, the rates of training. The number of contacts issued per employee are some of the most significant metrics. I invite you to know some KPIs for internal processes. The axis of the market metrics to measure results that provide information on the added value of the product. Service, the innovation of the company.