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Then we have to find out what will happen to Sputnik when we have to launch larger rockets. Recently, an unusual article appear in Advanc Materials. We are us to hearing about materials’ grandiose promises, amazing properties and revolutionary uses. This article has a different Christian – and in a sense – self-critical tone. A group of researchers from the National University of Singapore (including Nobel Prize recipient Konstantin Novoselov on the author list) have thoroughly analyz the “graphene product” of 60 different manufacturers. The use of quotation marks is relat to what the researchers discover: that most graphene powder on the market is actually just graphite powder, which is often even dirty.

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Preserv, graphite can then be us for many things. But you don’t get the superior strength, the wild sensor properties, heat conduction, electrical conductivity that were put in perspective Bulk SMS Argentina if you buy the cat in the bag. or the graphite in the bag. At the same time, you can easily end up paying” I subsequently wrote a News & Views article in Nature with the festive title “The war on fake graphene” – read the article here . I couldn’t resist  Now we’ll see if there’s a horse’s head from an angry Chinese” graphene” producer in my foot one day. In any case, it has creat quite a stir – and I have receiv quite a few inquiries from companies, but no death threats.

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Just to get it in place. Graphite consists of many layers of graphene on top of each other, and a single graphene layer is only 1 atom thin – that is, nanometers. Graphene’s DP Leads fantastic properties are express weaker and weaker, the more layers that come on top of each other, and when there is enough, it is just graphite. The kind of graphene product we’re talking about here is “powder graphene” a lot of flakes that each consist of one or more layers of graphene. The powder-graphene products the authors examin in the article were make with “liquid phase exfoliation”: you crush graphite into powder.