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The rest of us follow with Bolette and finally we were able to get firm ground under our feet. While we sat and ponder what to do next, John went into the galley and creat a well-deserv pasta carbonara for the hungry crew. We were all very tir and therefore chose to wait to decide on the next step until after a good night’s sleep. Sunday morning the weather forecast was studi over breakfast and inde it look promising.  us during the night would quickly disappear during the day and then it would be perfectly fine weather from Sunday evening. So instead of leaving the ships and going home, we decid to wait and sail the last leg on Monday night.

The gale that had blown over

Fortunately, everyone had the opportunity to arrange their Monday so that it could be do. At the end of the afternoon we went for a walk on the pier and there we could see that SMS Gateway Chile the weather forecast was right.   and the waves were settling down. So when we had eaten a hearty evening meal, we left the quay and head for Copenhagen. Our blind passenger apparently chose to disembark in Trelleborg, at least we didn’t see Murphy again for the rest of the trip. imag1123g.

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The wind was abating

Illustration: Jesper Rosendal, CS The last part of the trip, south of Falsterbo and up through Øresund, was a completely different and more pleasant experience than the first DP Leads part. The wind was 3-4 m/s and the lake was much calmer. At nine o’clock on Monday morning we lay off the Lynette, uncoupl the tow and set John and Meincke to sail the Sputnik into Refshaleøen follow by the rest of us on the Bolette. All in all it was quite an exciting and challenging trip but definitely not something we want to repeat. We have, somewhat involuntarily, test that our tow can hold and found a limit for the weather we want to sail in. Both ships are now safely moor at Lautrupkaj.