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Temperature rise of approx. 3.4°C likely by 2100 bas on an estimate made by the Climate Action Tracker ( at this link ). On top of the IPCC’s fifth report from 2014, there has been a ne to get researchers more on the 1.5 degrees. As formulat by one of the researchers behind the upcoming report: ” Our understanding of 1.5C was very limit, all but two or three of the models we had then were bas on a 2C target, ” says Henri Waisman, who is a senior researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations in Paris. It is the many researchers who write the main report we see on Monday afternoon.

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While Summary reports are made according to a special procure, where the world’s governments negotiate the text with the researchers. It sounds problematic in itself with political SMS Gateway Iraq interference here, but has the great advantage that all the countries of the world sign the Summary report together with the researchers. While we wait for the report on Monday afternoon, I would suggest that you read the Engineer’s excellent leader from last Friday , as the IPCC report will certainly support the necessity that we ne a political race on the climate.

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Fysik bloghov Hubble, the Universe and Cosmic Censorship Christian Bierlich5 Oct 2018 at 09:22576 Share the article on Facebook Share the article on Twitter Share the DP Leads article on LinkIn Share the article via e-mail Print the article Follow Ingeniøren on Facebook One of the laws that says something of the most fundamental about our Universe is Hubble’s law. Not only does it tell us where we come from, it also tells us something about when. When galaxies are moving away from us, we do not see their emitt light at the same wavelength as if it were standing still relative to us. The wavelengths are “stretch” or r-shift, as it is call. If we move towards each other, the light will be inversely blue-shift – see the illustration.