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Rshiftg Illustration: Aleš Tošovský If you know the rshift of a galaxy, you know its spe. Hubble’s law states that there is a correlation between a galaxy’s distance to us and the (via the rshift) observ velocity. Spe ​​= H Distance. It’s a simple but incribly powerful equation. If you assume that the Earth is not in a special place in the Universe, namely the center, the equation must mean that all galaxies are moving away from each other. And the further the galaxies are apart, the faster they are moving away from each other. The logical consequence is that the Universe is expanding.

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If the Universe is expanding, it must have been smaller at some point.If the Universe has always expand, at some point it must have been just a point. You can directly determine from Bulk SMS Myanmar Hubble’s law (above) the time when the Universe must have been a point, and it is simply 1 divid by H. This Hubble time is a good guess at the age of the Universe. With a fairly simple connection, you have the answer to: Where do we come from? A point. When? 1/H ago. Hubble’s contribution to the equation that bears his name was 10 years of painstaking observation and writing.

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This happen in 1929 . But already two years before, Georges Lemaître had publish an article that establish the equation from a more theoretical starting point, and made an DP Leads estimation of the Hubble parameter on the basis of existing data. The article was in French, and was publish in a relatively obscure time shift, and therefore did not get much attention. But it was first – and shouldn’t it be call Lemaître’s law? When Lemaître was ask in 1931 to publish a translation into English, he agre. But the important lines where he derives Hubble’s law are omitt from the translation! There has been much speculation as to why these sentences were omitt, did Hubble have a hand in the game.