Out Of The Ground

Unfortunately, it was not possible to test drive the new Cullinan, but three brand new cars were driven to Hellerup from Berlin. When it was finally my turn (I can reveal that the entire Copenhagen motoring press was present), the choice fell on the aforemention Wraith. I could have driven the open Dawn as well, but I generally don’t like open cars. It can be very good with the wind in the hair, but when the hood comes on, it usually ruins the basic design of the cars. It is of course a matter of taste, and there are some exceptions where it works, for example an MX5, which was born open.

A Fallback When They Come

Especially large cars, where there must be room for four, can easily look like a moving bathtub – and so does the Dawn. Wraith here a somewhat special design seen from Bulk SMS Israel the side and rear, but I like it. It is as if it is allow to give it the whole arm when we are up in this category. It’s a mega-GT, and it doesn’t try to underplay that – it’s exactly what it is: a 100 percent luxury car. And then there are the huge ‘suicide doors’ which make getting in and out easy. Note: Suicide doors have nothing to do with people committing suicide by throwing themselves out of doors.

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Across The Border But

The name was suppos to be because people were easily thrown out of the car if the door accidentally open while driving, which could look like suicide. But there are apparently DP Leads many stories about that name. Third car in the parking lot was a giant Ghost (though not quite as big as the Phantom). But back to the Wraith. The driving experience was simply fantastic. It was quite strange to experience how a bump in the road can both draw attention to itself and then be completely ignor by the car. There were no harsh bumps when the front wheels hit the often unfriendly bumps, and no rocking back and forth when the rear wheels came over.