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Feature lets advertisers enable an automat selection of royalty-free music from Metas Sound Collection. As of June 2023 automat music selection isnt your only option. Now you can choose both the track and the timing when you create ads for reels. The only catch is that this feature is currently available for single image reels ads only so it doesnt work with video creatives. Add an Audio Track To use this feature upload creative assets for each placement group and open the Advantage+ Creative tools. Select the Music tab and

Uncheck the Automatically

Apply Music option. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-select-music-add-audio-track-advantage-plus-creative-tools-10 Then select a track and press the Play button. Above the ad preview an interactive slider will appear business lead allowing you to adjust which part of the track plays with the ad. You can choose up to five tracks total adjusting the timing for each to fit the ad exactly how you want. ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-select-music-add-audio-select-track-timing-11 Although Ads Manager doesnt show the audio tracks youve

Add to your Facebook

Page or Instagram account favorites you can pull up the list in the Instagram or Facebook app. Then you can use the search bar in Ads Manager to find and apply tracks youve already identifi as good options for your brand. As of DP Leads June 2023 this music selection feature works for six placements including Facebook and Instagram reels. It also adds your select tracks to Instagram stories Facebook video fes and the Facebook mobile fe. You cant adjust the music selection per placement so choose a Meta Sound Collection track thats