Then enter the name of the product

Reels-advertise-on-instagram-reels-ad-creative-facebook-reels-video-assets-8 Thats because Ads Manager uses the same creative for ads on Facebook reels and post-loop reels ads on Facebook. Ideally that creative is a vertical short-form video. Customize Copy for Ads on Instagram Reels Because ads on Instagram reels have such limit space they work best with concise ad copy. The copy you enter into the primary text field automatically displays here but its a good idea to customize the copy for this placement.


Advertise-on-instagram-reels-customize-copy-9 Aim to limit this ad copy to 40 characters. If it goes longer it automatically gets cut off with a See More link. To get your message across more efficiently business email list ensure it displays in full on Instagram reels. Attention Agency Owners Brand Marketers and Consultants Marketing Agency Show Introducing the Marketing Agency Show–our newest podcast design to explore the struggles of agency marketers. Join show host and agency owner Brooke Sellas as she interviews agency marketers

And digs deep

Into their biggest challenges. Explore topics like navigating rough economic times leveraging AI service diversification client acquisition and much more. Just pull up your favorite podcast app search for Marketing Agency Show and start listening. Or click the button DP Leads below for more information. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS #3 How to Select Music for Instagram Reel Ads Since 2022 Meta has allow advertisers to add music to their ads on Instagram and Facebook. As part of Ads Managers AI-driven Advantage+ suite this

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