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information on the inventory, but also on total sales, orders for each product, data from the marketing department on customer satisfaction, etc. customers etc Connect your data from various sources and get a better view of what is happening in your business. This will allow you to make a quick and effective analysis and make the right decisions for the proper functioning of your business. Request a demo of TuDashboard and learn about the advantages of using a data visualization dashboard . There are many performance indicators or transport KPIs that you can measure, depending on the type of your business.

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Bring you great advantages over your competition. Depending on the type of transport, road, sea or air, the KPIs can be different. Furthermore, whether it is private transport Denmark Business Email List activities or public transport services, the indicators are not the same. This is because the topics and the audience are different. Choosing the right KPIs will help you make decisions, since the information collect helps you effectively manage your business. Types of Transport KPIs Depending on the means of transport, these are the types of KPIs that you should choose. Of course there will be some that apply to everyone.

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KPIs for transportation and distribution companies that you can monitor: KPIs for road transport For road transport companies, the main problem is the use of the vehicle fleet and DP Leads fuel consumption. These two elements largely determine the cost of road transport. However, performance indicators for the road sector can be very numerous. Some examples of transport KPIs are: Fuel consumption per 100 km Service level per vehicle Service level per driver Vehicle load factor The duration of each trip made All these elements are relevant, because they are easily quantifiable. Also, bas on the results, you can easily take action to improve performance. If, for example, the journeys are too long.