Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic Your company needs to invest in these strategies now

Building a company’s or brand’s digital presence on the internet may seem like a daunting task, and indeed it is. Bringing visibility to something hitherto unknown requires the use of a set of strategically defined actions and parameters that will not only make new people aware of your business, but also seek to connect with it in some way. Within this set of strategies, there are two that specifically increase the number of visitors to your company’s digital communication channels, paid and organic traffic. And before you ask, we answer: both types play an important role in your business marketing strategies. Different methods, different benefits and limitations, but the purpose remains the same, to make the digital media of a certain company appear first when terms related to it are searched for by leads in search engines.

That contain keywords or segments that are of interest to your company’s

Brand’s target audience The objective here is to capture. The attention of the possible lead and generate curiosity for your services or products. And not for those of your competitors. For this strategy to bring results, it is necessary that the ads are always running, and more than that, with up-to-date information. For each active ad there is a campaign being managed by a traffic manager responsible for its Brazil Mobile Number List creation, implementation and optimization. Why include paid traffic in marketing strategies Paid campaigns tend to bring return in a short time and can be implemented in the first steps of a company in the digital world. By serving paid ads, you receive data related to users, including relevant keywords, demographics and geographic location.

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Traffic is one of the strategies that most attract users who are willing to close

Purchase, because people looking for a specific product or service know exactly. What they want and are looking for the best available option. Locating these potential leads through your ads results in greater traffic on your business’s digital channels and enables greater conversions. How organic traffic works Organic traffic, as its name suggests. Happens due to the natural initiative of people to search for DP Leads topics. That are of interest to them, and when these interests are related to the services or products. That your company offers, its digital media will appear for these users. A strategy that superficially seems easy and even without costs involved, but in practice it is not quite like that. For organic traffic to work, your company’s social media must have relevant, engaged content with a high probability of conversion.