What is Product Experience and how brands use it

Product Experience is a fundamental concept to attract, delight and retain the modern consumer. Look in this article to see what Product Experience is, its importance, what you should consider when using this strategy and how brands put it into practice. The idea is to provide the audience with experiences appropriate to their characteristics and needs, motivating them to move towards the purchasing decision. Today, especially in the SaaS market , part of this journey takes place in the product itself.

What is Product Experience

The idea of ​​product experience emerged in Email Contact List response to the needs and demands of modern consumers. The digital transformation , which has incorporated the Internet as one of the main channels of the customer journey , has placed the public in a privileged position within the market hierarchy. With access to information and a wide range of possibilities, the 4.0 consumer, as defined by Philip Kotler, gives preference to brands that offer the best experiences.

Because it is important

As you have already seen, product experience DP Leads is an important factor in satisfying consumers and therefore establishing long-lasting relationships. In addition, it is a method of adding value to the brands and products involved in campaigns. But why does it happen? A lot has to do with trust. Before making a purchase, the modern consumer spares no effort in searching for information about the product and the company. This is one of the factors that explain the success of Content Marketing strategies .