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I hope that many of you will join us on an exciting journey over the next several weeks towards the engine that will send CS’s astronaut into space. When foreigners get to know Danish managers and Danish management philosophy, there is a phenomenon that arouses deep wonder: Danish managers always first try to see how little they can get away with. The best example is almost how the Folketing thought in its time that you could electrify the railway mast by mast and million by million. Roughly speaking, every year DSB got what was now left on the bottom of the coffin to electrify for the next year.

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It goes without saying that it became very expensive when no kind of long-term planning or large purchases could be made. What did the Folketing do when it show how expensive it Bulk SMS Vietnam was to behave so stupidly? They dropp the project halfway through, which will be a curse on Danish railways for something like 70 years. And they have not become wiser, cf. Ringst station . Danske Bank’s criminal money laundering? Same story: In Denmark, you don’t set the big device in motion just because a crible source reveals that it’s completely crazy in the country’s biggest bank, you send a discreet recommendation and expect them to handle it themselves.

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IT scandals can be trac back to trying to avoid renovating rules, workflows and methods, it must be enough to swing the diet with digitalisation water. Bless the budget DP Leads with a rationalization gain and press ENTER. And it is not only in public management. It is to the highest extent also in the private sector that managers shy away from taking a hammer that is big enough for the nail right away. Employees who should have been fir a long time ago. Cases that take forever to close, opportunities that are miss because you can’t make a drastic decision etc.