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Flexible when changes occur in the organization? Do you enforce company rules and policies? It is punctual? Are you diligent? It is essential for a manager to select the relevant work metrics to make a good evaluation of an employee’s performance. Other sources can provide additional evaluation data and give a more global picture of the employee’s performance: the evaluation of colleagues, subordinates, clients, self-evaluation or 360-degree feback, a combination of all these sources. Get to know some production indicators that may useful to you. Conclusion All the information of your employees can analyz in a Human Resources Dashboard.

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You to have a tter visualization of the data that is generat in the different areas of your company, and thus, able to evaluate various aspects such as productivity and performance, but also Venezuela Phone Number List have general information such as salary history, vacations, days off, etc. If you want to know more about how this tool works, request a demo and find out how it works. Kpis to increase sales POST ONAPRIL 14, 2021 There are KPIs to increase sales that you can view on a dashboard and manage your company’s sales strategy. Do you already track your conversion rate, loyalty rate, cost of customer acquisition and other kinds of sales KPIs.

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That you must measure is long. It is easy to lose track of what to monitor in order to make decisions. Keep reading and learn more about the KPIs you should monitor. What is sales DP Leads performance? Sales performance is defin as a company’s ability to generate maximum profitability from available human and material resources. To measure the effectiveness of sales from a quantitative point of view, companies use quantifi sales indicators that determine the performance of an individual or the productivity of a department: increase in turnover, increase in sales volume , rate of return, etc To evaluate commercial effectiveness from a qualitative point of view,