The 10 most read articles on digital marketing in 2022

The 10 most Ends and it’s time to recap. Personally it has been a pretty good year. The marketing mentorships continue to give me a lot of learning and satisfaction, in consulting , the projects continue to go well. I also continue giving training and conferences that give me life! But the outstanding news at the end of the year is that on 01/26/2023 I launched my new book. 

The 10 most read 2022 articles on Tristán Elósegui's digital marketing blog

The 10 most What is Ikigai and how to define it? : it is the starting point for a full industry email list professional future and a company connected to its clients. It’s that simple and important. “Required” reading! The future of B2B sales is hybrid : B2B sales were evolving digitally, but COVID came to change everything. Digital has more and more weight, but it makes no sense without an offline part (at least for now). What is the metaverse and why is it not feasible? : again I must add: for now. The metaverse has been the buzzword of 2022.

The most read digital marketing articles on Tristán Elósegui's blog

10 tips for having a good conversation : The article summarizes DP Leads a talk by Celeste Headlee on Ted Talks and helps us focus on what is important. Coca-Cola once again shows its excellence in brand strategy : little to add about a brand so, so relevant worldwide. A master class on how to connect with your market through branding.